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We, at M.G. Industries (Regd) are engaged in manufacturing & export of premium quality scaffolding fittings & accessories used in building, construction, shuttering & repair works. We mainly manufacture spheroidal graphite cast iron (Ductile iron) and malleable iron scaffolding components such as Jack Nuts, Cup Locks, Prop Nuts, Wing Nuts, Water Stoppers and all kinds of casting products.
We manufacture these fittings with light, medium & heavy quality with different designs and weights as per customers requirement. Our entire product range meets the highest standards of quality for dimensional stability and exterior weather resistance. We manufacture black, hot dip galvanised and electroplated scaffoldongs as per customer's request.
The company has an installed capacity of approx. 3000 M.T. per annum.
Material Specifications :-
Malleable iron - As per IS 14329 - 1995 Grade BM 300
Brinell Hardness - 150 BHN Maximum.
Tensile Strength - 33 to 36 Kg/mm² or 325 to 350 mpa
Elongation - 6 to 12%
Spheroidal Graphite Iron - As per IS - 1865
(S.G. Iron / Ductile Iron)     
  Grade SG 450/10 Grade SG 400/15
Brinell Hardness - 160 - 210 130 - 180
Tensile Strength - min. 45.9 kg/mm² min. 40.8 kg/mm²
Elongation - 10% 15%
Product Range
  Top Cup (3 Lug, 4 Lug)
Bottom Cup
Ledger blades
Jack Nut
Prop Nut
Water Barrier
Wing Nut
Cup Nut
Besides manufacturing above items, we also undertake & manufacture various other metal parts and can develop any kind of SG Iron & Malleable Iron Castings as per drawings or samples provided by customers in no time.
Top Cup Wing Nut
Rapid Clump Anchor Nut Water Stopper
Prop Nut Jack Nut Cup Nut