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Pipe Fittings (Domestic)
Product Range
Pipe Cross Side Outlet Elbow Side Outlet Elbow
Cross C 1
90° Female, Equal
Side Outlet Elbow(3-Way) Za1
90° Female, Equal
Side Outlet Elbow(3-Way) Za4
90° Female, Equal
Long Sweep Bend Tank Nipples Back Nut
Long Sweep Bend
(Short Bend G-4)
90° Male & Female, Equal
Tank Nipple
Male Equal
Back Nut P4
Female, Equal
Pipe Plug Bushing Male/Female Elbow
Plug T8
Male, Equal
Bushing N4
180° Male & Female, Reducing
Male/Female Elbow
(Street Elbow)
Besides the above range we also manufacture M/F & Conical Unions with Brass Seats, Increasing Tees, Female bends etc. specially against Customer's Requirements.