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Pipe Fittings (Domestic)
Quality Standard & Specifications
'MG' brand pipe fittings are being manufactured as per standards laid by bureau of Indian Standards specifications as per IS:1879/1987 part (I to X). The firm is manufacturing complete range of pipe fittings being used for Water, Air & Gas Line installation with a minimum working pressure of 300 lbs/inch2 or 21.42 kgf/cm2 hydraulically. Our pipe fittings withstand minimum working pressure  of 2.1 mpa equalant to 21 bar in case of water and 1.05 mpa equalant to 10.5 bar in case of air. 'MG' Brand pipe fittings are normally manufactured from 1/4” to 6” sizes.

'MG' Brand pipe fittings are manufactured under strict quality control by a team of highly qualified & experienced engineers, equipped with most up-to-date machinery and sophisticated laboratories. The material is manufactured as per dimensions laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards with their latest amendments which are as under :-
  Malleabel Cast Iron pipe fittings as per IS : 1879-1987 (Part I to X)
  Hot dip galvanzied as per IS : 2633-1986, IS ; 6745-1972 and IS 4759-1996. Minimum Zinc coating 610gm/m²
  Black heart malleable cast iron as per IS : 14329-1995 Grade BM300
  As per IS : 554-1999 both parallel & taper.
  To ensure high quality & correctness of raw material as well as semi finished material, various tests are performed. The following chart shows   Chemical Composition & Physical Properties of 'MG' Brand pipe fittings.
Chemical Composition
CARBON (C) : 2.5% to 2.9%
SILICON (Si) : 0.7% to 1.0%
MANGANESE (Mn) : 0.2% to 0.4%
PHOSPHORUS (P) : According to grade required by the customer or BM300
Physical Properties
TENSILE STRENGTH : 33 to 36 kg/mm² or 325 to 350 mpa