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Process & Quality Control
Manufacturing Process & Quality Control Chart
The raw materials i.e. Pig Iron, Steel scrap are tested for the required chemical composition prior to melting in well equipped laboratory. Then the raw castings are also tested chemically to achieve the required chemical composition.
To ensure that the material is properly annealed, the required malleability tests are performed along with tensile test & percentage elongation.
Visual inspection of inner and outer surface of annealed castings is performed to ensure that they are clean, free from blow holes, cracks & sand drops etc.
Galvanised fittings are tested in the laboratory to ensure that the mass of Zinc in not less than the specified 610gm/m² as per IS:4759-1996 & IS: 6745-1972 and galvanised fittings are also tested visually to ensure that zinc coating is smooth, clean, uniform & free from black spots, pimples etc.
The fittings are inspected by qualified engineers to ensure that the materials have acquired correct alignment, overall dimensions, wall thickness and threads with the help of suitable thread qauge & measuring instrumrents.
Again visual inspection from piece to piece is performed along with pressure test to ensure that fittings are leak proof before packing in strong double gunny bags.